Residential Services

Bed Bugs Bite’s canine inspection and heat treatment process is proven to eliminate bed bugs. Here’s how it works:

• Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the possibility of a bed bug problem and to determine if further action is needed.

• Initial inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and identify the problem areas: Ripple, our trained bed bug sniffer, uses his keen sense of smell to detect live bed bugs and viable eggs, whether they are visible or not. We also conduct a thorough visual inspection of your home and look for live or dead bed bugs.

• Develop a customized heat treatment plan: No two homes are alike, so we create a plan that accommodates the layout of your rooms and the level of infestation.

• Conduct heat treatment: Prior to treatment, we provide a detailed To Do list (coming soon) to help you prepare your home. Furniture and other items are arranged to allow maximum air flow and to eliminate cold spots. We use high-power propane and electric heaters to slowly heat the room and all the contents to 135 to 150 degrees – the temperature range that will kill the bugs – and maintain this temperature for 2 hours. The entire process from set up to tear down usually takes a full day – about 7 to 9 hours.

• The Bed Bugs Bite 60-Day Guarantee: We guarantee our services for 60 days after treatment.

A bedroom utilizing BedBugsBite's services
A bedroom utilizing BedBugsBite's services

Don’t let bed bugs bite you, contact Bed Bugs Bite to inspect your property for bed bugs or provide you with a free price quote for bed bug elimination today.