About Us

Stacie is the co-founder of Bed Bugs Bite.  She started the family company with her late father, Roland Leclerc. The business was inspired by witnessing the stress that living with bed bugs can cause and the need for a honest, discreet, and cost effective company to treat them. Bed Bugs Bite focuses solely on the eradication of bed bugs and individualized treatment plans. Bed Bugs Bite, founded in 2015, prides itself on sincere customer service and professionalism.

Canine Ripple

Ripple and his handlers are professional, thorough, and confidential during all inspections. Ripple is highly trained to detect the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. His scent detection skills are far more accurate than a human inspection. Ripple is here for your bed bug detection needs.

Bear Dog

In Memory of Beloved Canine Bear

Canine Bear lost his fight to cancer after 8 years of dedicated service as a bed bug inspector.  Bear’s love for life was infectious – he brought joy to everyone he met with his smiling eyes and waging tail nub.  He loved spending time with his family, but above all, he loved searching for Bed Bugs.  Bear is greatly missed by the Bed Bugs Bite team!